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What's it Cost - Lions SPIPLEX Permit Conditions & Regulations

Lions SPIPLEX is owned and operated by SPI Sports Management Corporation (SPI)

  • Reserves the right to require all clients to carry general liability insurance listing The Lions SPIPLEX and
    SPI Sports Management Corporation named insured. Proof of such insurance must be provided seven
    days prior to the event.
  • Will not be responsible for damage, loss or theft of equipment, personal property or clothing of any
    applicant or their guests. Please secure your valuables.
  • Reserves the right to require a security deposit for any event. Security deposits are non-refundable.
  • Reserves the right to cancel this permit should there be a breach of regulations or on 24 hours notice as required. Permits may be cancelled on short notice should the facility not be available due to mechanical failures, adverse weather conditions or acts of God. A time credit is issued to all events that are cancelled. No refunds will be issued.

The Permit Holder:

  • Hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Lions SPIPLEX and SPI Sports Management
    Corporation and all its employees from all claims and actions arising as a result of the use of the facility.
    The Lions SPIPLEX and SPI Sports Management Corporation, the agents and affiliates of the foregoing
    are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or death due to the use of the facility. The Lions
    SPIPLEX and SPI Sports Management Corporation, the agents and affiliates are hereby released from
    all claims and liabilities whatsoever, arising from participation in or attendance at The Lions SPIPLEX.
  • Shall pay for all damages to the property of The Lions SPIPLEX arising from the use of the facility where
    the applicant is deemed responsible due to negligence, abuse or vandalism. Guests of participants are
    the responsibility of the permit holder.
  • Is committing to all of the time as stated on the invoices. In the event that the permit holder wishes to
    cancel some or all of the time, SPI will do its best to re-rent the time, however, the original permit holder will be responsible for any short fall. No sub-leasing will be permitted. All spot bookings must be paid at the time of the booking. All seasonal rentals will be paid according to the schedule on the invoice.
  • Is responsible for vacating, returning to original condition, keeping facilities clean and the removal of all
    rented or privately owned property and personal effects by the specified permit end time unless written
    prior arrangements have been made with SPI. Confetti is prohibited. Litter must be placed in litter cans.
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of booking and be present in the permitted facility
    during the permitted times. Anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult and/or permit
    holder at all times.
  • Shall not sell items unless prior approval has been granted by SPI. A vendor's permit must be posted
    during permitted hours.
  • Must receive authorization prior to affixing any decorations. If granted, the applicant must ensure all
    decorations are fireproof, affixed with masking tape and removed by the specified permit end time.
  • Acknowledges the sale and/or consumption of alcohol is forbidden unless a permit has been granted.
    Failure to comply with the LLBO regulations will result in the immediate cancellation of the permit,
    notifying of authorities and removal from the permitted area. No refund will apply.
  • There will be a $50 charge made payable by any party that has issued an NSF cheque for payment of
    rental time.
  • All hourly rentals are for 60 minutes.
  • If the permit holder is an association or club a representative or convener will be designated and in
    attendance for all events.


  • Only turf shoes, flat soled indoor soccer shoes or running shoes may be worn
    by players (NO OUTDOOR CLEATS).
  • NO spitting or chewing gum in the Lions SPIPLEX.
  • NO glass bottles permitted inside the facility.
  • The Lions SPIPLEX is a smoke free facility.
  • Climbing on any building structures or equipment (i.e. netting, benches, or goals) is NOT Permitted.
  • Balls travel at high speed and anyone can be injured on the sidelines. All participants and spectators assume their own risk!

To Download and Print the terms and conditions in PDF Format please click here

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